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Saturday & Sunday, March 17 & 18, 2018
Shaw Centre, 55 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa



The World is put on display at Travel and Vacation Show

The spring is just around the corner and has everyone thinking about vacations and flooding to The Travel and Vacation Show at the Ottawa Convention Centre.

In 2017 – the 23rd annual show had over 190 travel and vacation exhibits with over 50 countries represented by their tourist boards or embassies presenting their countries and cultures in a colourful festive atmosphere that will surely make you dream. They, together with tour operators, agencies and resorts are eager to answer your questions and provide you with a wealth of information. And don’t forget to take advantage of the free informative travel seminars and “only at the show promotions’.

The show’s culinary tourism focus continues to grow and surprise. Just imagine, celebrity visiting chefs will be with us again this year and will be announced shortly. They will temp your taste buds, with the delicacies of their regions, in our demonstration kitchen.

A multitude of exhibitors from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, the Caribbean and South America are present. The USA is represented by exhibitors from New York, Maine, Vermont, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida and Texas. Whether to bask in the sun on a tropical beach, experience an “outbound” adventure, immerse in the cultures of Europe or go on a safari in Africa, it is all there and more.

Newfoundland & Labrador with their top tourism partners are primed to make a big splash at the show.”

In addition to vacation spots let's not forget cruising of all types, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Transatlantic, Alaska and many many river cruises and more...

Find special vacations, from weekend getaways to trips to exciting overseas destinations. In a few hours you can walk around the world!

Bon Voyage!